10 easy ways to improve your property's kerb appeal

10 easy ways to improve your property's kerb appeal

When you're selling your home, the first thing a potential buyer is going to see is how it looks from the street. That’s why it’s so important to make sure everything is shipshape, to entice buyers in and make them fall in love with your home, just as you did.

There’s a range of things you could consider improving, some of which are free while others might cost you a few pounds.

It may seem unnecessary to spend more money on a home that you might not be living in for much longer. But taking the time to make those quick fixes could add thousands to your property’s value.

Here are 10 easy ways to improve your property’s kerb appeal.

  1. Give your front door some attention

    One of the first things buyers will see when they look at your home is the front door. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s as presentable as possible.

    Giving the front door a lick of paint can help it look fresh and vibrant. Picking a bright colour can also help make your house stand out from the crowd.

    If you think the door is beyond help from just a coat of paint, consider buying an entirely new one. Replacing a front door doesn’t have to be expensive and may present a good investment, especially if it adds value to your property sale.

  2.  Revamp the front of your home by painting it

    As well as looking at the front door, consider the whole of the front of your home.

    You could consider hiring a builder or decorator to take a look at anything that needs freshening up, such as cracks in the brickwork.

    If you’re more of the DIY type, grab some Polyfilla and some paint and sort out any cracks that look slightly less presentable. This may be a bit of extra work, but it could make a big difference to the sale price.

  3. Tidy up your windows

    Windows are one of the defining features that a buyer will notice, as they noticeably stand out from the rest of the facade.

    You can clean windowsills and the joints in between yourself by giving them a good scrub with soapy water, but it’s probably worth getting a window cleaner in to give the glass that professional sheen.

  4. Clean up your front path and driveway

    Tidying up your front path is an easy thing you can do to help make your house look more presentable to potential buyers.

    If you don’t already have off-road parking, consider trying to make some. Having a space to park a car is one of the most important things for buyers when looking for a home. So, if you can, consider creating a space where you can park a car.

  5. Make sure your garden is well pruned and maintained

    As well as sorting out your path and driveway, make sure you’ve properly looked after your front garden.

    Clear weeds and trim back any unruly plants that look untidy. As well as improving how the front of your home looks, it will also mean the buyer doesn’t have to worry about sorting out the garden as soon as they move in.

  6. Sort out the roof, including missing tiles

    Roofs often tend to be a worry for buyers as repairs can be expensive. That’s why it can help to replace missing roof tiles and sort out anything that’s visually noticeable.

    Again, this may cost you a little bit, but it’s another small change you can make that will remove another potential worry on a buyer’s mind.

  7. Maintain gutters

    Broken or unmaintained guttering isn’t always visually obvious, but it can cause a range of water-related issues. That’s why it’s worth sorting these out in case a particularly perceptive buyer does notice.

    Check that there are no gaps, holes or obstructions in your gutters, and replace any parts that aren’t functioning properly.

  8. Fix fences and gates that are broken or looking a bit tired

    Broken fences and gates are another important thing to fix from a buyer’s perspective. Anything that’s broken can be a signal to a buyer that it’s something they’ll have to pay to sort out themselves. At the very least, it may give them the impression of a home that’s rundown.

    Replace fence posts and gates that are looking a bit weathered, especially if the wood has rotted. Paint can go a long way here, making them look fresh and brand-new, and also offers extra protection against the elements.

  9. Create a space to hide the bins

    Despite them being a necessity, buyers may find the presence of bins unattractive and off-putting when choosing a home.

    Even something as simple as wheeling them around a side gate or putting them behind bushes in the front garden can help improve what a buyer sees when they look at your home from the outside.

    If you don’t have anywhere to put them out of sight, you could make or buy an outdoor cupboard specifically for housing your bins, just to make the front of your home look a little bit tidier.

  10. Brighten up the front of your home with lighting

You’ll be surprised to see how much of a difference subtle lighting can make to the front of your home.

If you already have a light, make sure it’s in good condition and works properly. Otherwise, consider adding outdoor sconces or similar lighting fixtures near your front door to help your home stand out.