how much can I borrow on a mortgage


How much can I borrow on a mortgage?

You can find out how much money you can borrow by using a mortgage borrowing calculator. A mortgage calculator asks for information on your income and any other applicant’s income, so it can tell you the amount you may be able to borrow on a mortgage.

The mortgage calculator is only a guide to how much you can borrow; each lender has their own set of rules (criteria). When considering a mortgage, it’s worth thinking about all the bills you will have to pay like gas, electric, council tax, water, insurances, food and other expenses – some property websites have a guide to how much it costs to run a house before you buy it.

Banks and advisers have a responsibility to evidence that you can afford your mortgage before they provide the funds, but more importantly, do you think you can commit to a mortgage? Are you comfortable with the monthly repayments? It’s critical to look at all of the costs and provide accurate information so we can provide mortgage advice to suit your needs.


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