Travel Traffic Light System

Travel Traffic Light System

Travelling overseas for leisure will now be permitted from 17th May so we can all now begin to think about a well earned holiday!


Countries have been placed into a 'traffic light system', with green, amber and red lists that set out the rules for things such as testing and quarantining for travellers returning to England.


Traffic Lights

How it works

Which list (Green, Amber or Red) a country is currently on will be reviewed every few weeks and depends on a number of factors, including the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, infection rates and the prevalence of "variants of concern". Many of the tourist hotspots are likely to be moved onto the green list before the end of summer, but the government will also have the right to rapidly remove countries from the green or amber lists if cases spiral quickly. 

Most European countries will require arrivals to have a vaccination certificate, or a negative Covid-19 test result, or evidence of immunity through having had the virus. These are likely to be largely paper-based checks from May 17 because digital alternatives that would allow automated access through borders are still under development.

Keep an eye on this page regularly and read on below for guidance on choosing a destination and which country is in which list currently.

UPDATE 03/06/21: There have been changes to the countries on the Green, Amber and Red list coming into effect from Tuesday 8th June - please check the list before you travel.